Hen&ink Coop: Cherie Colburn

About Cherie Colburn

Climbing trees and playing kick-the-can in rural East Texas, Cherie grew up as the oldest of the local dentist’s five kids. After graduating sum cum laude with a degree in history and government, she planned for law school. Real life had other plans. Cherie and husband Greg discovered they were expecting their first child. She switched gears, putting off formal education for a bit. As soon as her two girls started school, Cherie did, too. But not in law. Six years of hormones and home life diminished the appeal of arguing for a living. Instead, she studied landscape design then started Nature's Tapestry, specializing in Texas native and heirloom plants. Besides her commercial and residential design practice, Cherie works with schools throughout Texas creating habitat and learning gardens. She’s also taught landscape design for the Texas Master Gardener program and at community colleges. Cherie’s path diverted once again when she became seriously ill. Doctors determined being outside exacerbated her illness. She began speaking and writing about gardens instead of working in them. Magazines and newspapers provided plenty of work, but it was her picture book OUR SHADOW GARDEN - inspired by a dream she had during the darkest time of her illness and illustrated by children in treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center – that started Cherie in a new direction and on the road to recovery. Besides membership in the Society of Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators, the Garden Writers Association, and the Native Plant Society of Texas, Cherie is also a graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute and is represented by Hen&ink Literary Studio. She and Greg are organic gardeners near Houston and active in their church where she sings and teaches. They also own Poco Dinero Pine Tree Farm on property that’s been in Cherie’s family since the 1800’s.