Hen&ink Coop: Christy Mihaly

About Christy Mihaly

Christy Mihaly loves the magic and power of words. She writes articles, stories, essays, poems, and children’s books, and is particularly drawn to nonfiction. She was the author of the 2016 National Geographic Kids’ Junior Ranger Activity Book. Christy’s 2015 ASK magazine article about Gregor Mendel, “The Probability of Purple Peas,” received a letter of commendation in the SCBWI Magazine Merit Awards competition. Forthcoming books cover topics including moose, mobile apps, cosplay, and making hay. Christy is a founding member of GROG, the group blog for writers and readers of children’s literature. She has degrees from Dartmouth College and the University of California, Berkeley. After living in Oregon, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, New Hampshire, California, and Spain, she has settled happily with her family in rural Vermont.