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Patrice Karst is the author of the best selling children's picture book THE INVISIBLE STRING. Over 250,000 copies of this book have sold to-date and it has become a children's classic. This is the story of the string (made out of love!) that connects us all. Besides the general public, it is also being used by schools, psychologists, hospices, grief groups, the military, hospitals, the prison system and every organization and healing use you can imagine. THE INVISIBLE STRING is for any kind of loss or separation issues and gives children a tangible understand of LOVE. With 2016's sales going through the roof, the book is literally on fire and connecting souls all over the globe. Patrice is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and is the author of several other books for both adults and children all with her same universal theme of LOVE. Her other children's books include THE SMILE THAT WENT AROUND THE WORLD. Her adult books include GOD MADE EASY and THE SINGLE MOTHER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE. Patrice and her books have been widely featured in print and broadcast media and she is a well loved public speaker. Born in London, England, Patrice has been on a fascinating spiritual journey since she was a young girl looking out in awe at the glistening stars. The mother of one grown son, Elijah, and one zany wiener dog, Coco, Patrice lives at the beach in Ventura, California, where she is currently editing her memoir ( what a wild ride it has been) and still gazing up in wonder at starry nights. Patrice LOVES to hear from her readers- If you reach out- she promises to reach back!

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