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OPEN COOP DAY ALERT: Monday, 5 March 2018

February 28, 2018 by Erzsi Deak


It’s Open Coop Day!

We need to see excellent MG and YA fiction from 9AM Pacific time on Monday, 5 March 2018 to 9AM Pacific time on Tuesday, 6 March 2018.

DETAILS (it’s all in the details):
Please send the short pitch + first chapter (double-spaced, please) for your fabulous & completed MG or YA novel EMBEDDED in an email to us at submissions A T henandink.com.

Once again, the window is open from 9AM Pacific time on Monday, 5 March 2018 to 9AM Pacific time on Tuesday, 6 March 2018.

Looking forward to reading!

About Erzsi Deak

Erzsi Deak is the founder of Hen&ink Literary Studio, a writer, and an editor. With nearly 30 years of experience on the international stage, she is most happy connecting individuals around the globe who can make things happen – no matter where you find yourself or what hat you are wearing. She is an editorial agent, pushing her authors and illustrators to go the extra kilometer to achieve sometimes surprising insights and results. A two-time SCBWI Member of the Year awardee, she speaks on craft, “the market,” and current industry topics. She is pleased to announce that the new MAB Media will publish PERIOD PIECES: STORIES FOR GIRLS as one of its launch books in 2015. Her first picture book, PUMPKIN TIME! (Sourcebooks, 2014, illustrated by Doug Cushman) has just been picked up by the Scholastic Book Clubs. Thanks to technology, she can work from France and be in New York and London at the same time.

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Homepage: http://www.erzsideak.com

2 thoughts on “OPEN COOP DAY ALERT: Monday, 5 March 2018”

    L.L. Eadie
    “What’s that thing called where your crush loves you back?
    Oh, yeah, your imagination.”
    Can you keep a secret? What if it was for that special guy you wanted in your life? And what if that guy was not right for you? Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person? Did you know from the beginning it wasn’t going to work? Did you make yourself believe it would? Did you believe no matter what happened you could make it right? Would you have done anything for him? Even lie for him? And in the end, were you ready to die for him?
    YEARNING FOR THE UNATTAINABLE is about sixteen-year-old Gentry Wickleham – who is dropped into the small town of Wiregrass, Georgia. She’ a fish-out-of-water wading her way through high school politics, newly discovered family secrets, and life-changing discoveries.
    Gentry has to deal with everything from her father romancing a much younger woman – Nikki, to an unrequited crush on the hunk-of-the-town named Legend, who is way out of her league, and she has to deal with her own resemblance to a dead woman.
    Playing with the Ouija board from her great Aunt Tom’s attic, Gentry is introduced to the ghosts that haunt her aunt’s ramshackle Victorian home – Sylvie – her Aunt Tom’s daughter who is part of the local folklore of Wiregrass – and Roy – a vagrant. Gentry strikes up a friendship with Sylvie and reads her diary in hopes of discovering the secret of why Sylvie is Wiregrass’ urban legend. It is said that Sylvie lost her head when she jumped from a bridge into rapids below and it was never recovered. The head sometimes is spotted on a full moon in Lake Shearin. It will look up at you to see if you are the one that caused her to jump.
    If this wasn’t jolting enough Gentry also finds Rawson and Legend in an embrace when she walks into her brother’s room unannounced. Gentry’s shocked, confused and in disbelief, but her desire for Legend doesn’t waver. She readily agrees to not only keep their secret but also to become Legend’s beard (faux girlfriend). Gentry truly believes if she can fall in love with a gay guy then he can just as easily fall for a straight girl. No matter what the ghost Sylvie says, or does.
    YEARNING FOR THE UNATTAINABLE is a young adult novel and is 413 pages in length and the word count is 107,340. It has been edited by several people including Jennifer Rees a former Senior Editor of Scholastic Press for over thirteen years. She worked with many authors including Suzanne Collins of Hunger Games fame. Ms. Rees liked my writing style and had this to say:
    “First off, please let me say what a pleasure it’s been working on YFTU. Your writing is terrific, and I just love so many of these characters – especially Gentry – that it is hard to say good-bye. They will live in my memory for a long time to come! The strengths here are the writing, the humor (and neither of those things can be taught – you’ve either got it or you don’t, and you definitely “got it”). I especially appreciate the way you handle certain subjects like sexuality, with humor but also depth. The story itself is super appealing, too, and the setting is wonderful. I can totally envision this town.”
    I am an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and attend their conferences locally and several out of state – including LA and NYC. Formerly I was agented by the McVeigh Agency, which I believe is no longer active. I am also a member of the Florida Writers’ Association and have been the recipient of three Royal Palm Literary Awards from that association for my unpublished young adult novels. In August 2013 Cricket Cottage Publishing – a micro-publisher in Orlando, FL published my first YA – MISTAKEN IDENTITY. Although this is not a vanity press they didn’t offer me any publicity. It was a great disappointment for all the hard work involved. I paid to have it reviewed by Kirkus – http://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/1-1-eadie/mistaken-identity-UIFUAEOh/ I am also a graduate of the University of Florida and taught many years – elementary, middle school and high school. You can follow me on Twitter @lindaeadie or Facebook L.L. Eadie.
    Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Linda L. Eadie
    508 NW Scenic Lake Drive
    Lake City, FL 32055
    386-752-7857 (home)

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