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About Christy Mihaly

Christy Mihaly writes articles, stories, essays, poems, and children’s books, and is particularly drawn to nonfiction. Her 2018 books include an illustrated picture book, HEY, HEY, HAY! (A Tale of Bales and the Machines that Make Them), which tells the story (in verse) about a girl and her mother haymaking on their farm. She also co-wrote a forthcoming YA title with Sue Heavenrich, Diet for a Changing Climate, about eating certain unfamiliar foods for the health of the planet. She has written a half-dozen books for the educational market, and was the author of the 2016 National Geographic Kids’ Junior Ranger Activity Book. Her ASK magazine article about Gregor Mendel, “The Probability of Purple Peas,” received a letter of commendation in the 2016 SCBWI Magazine Merit Awards competition. Christy is a founding member of GROG, the group blog for writers and readers of children’s literature. She has degrees from Dartmouth College and the University of California, Berkeley. She lives overlooking a hayfield in Vermont, where she writes under the supervision of her dog and cat.

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Homepage: www.christymihaly.com

Blog: groggorg.blogspot.com

Titles by Christy Mihaly

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