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Ring in the Good Cheer!

November 14, 2013 by Erzsi Deak

The First Annual Hen&ink Iconic Holiday Black Hen Contest

Last year, Doug Cushman gave the Black Hen of Hen&ink’s logo a holiday dash of color (and additional style, n’est ce pas!?).



THIS IS NOW (extra points if you can name the author of that book sans Google et al) and you are invited to show us your take on our iconic bird for a chance to be the “face of Hen&ink” for the 2013 holidays.

Please send your interpretation of the Hen&ink Hen to info [a] henandink.com by 1 December 2013. The contest is open to Coop and non-Coop members. If the winning illustration is by a Coop member, s/he get lots of extra scratching. If the winning illustration is by a  a non-Coop member, the illustrator will be entitled to one picture-book project critique and possibly an offer of representation.

NOTE: Only one entry per person. Repeating myself, but please send only one jpg or pdf per artist, along with a short bio (100 words). Please include your name  in the filename (ex: SmithBlackHen13.jpg). Any multiple entries will be discarded. Judging is completely subjective and final. Only the winner will be notified of the outcome before we go live with the image.

About Erzsi Deak

Erzsi Deak is the founder of Hen&ink Literary Studio, a writer, and an editor. With nearly 30 years of experience on the international stage, she is most happy connecting individuals around the globe who can make things happen – no matter where you find yourself or what hat you are wearing. She is an editorial agent, pushing her authors and illustrators to go the extra kilometer to achieve sometimes surprising insights and results. A two-time SCBWI Member of the Year awardee, she speaks on craft, “the market,” and current industry topics. She is pleased to announce that the new MAB Media will publish PERIOD PIECES: STORIES FOR GIRLS as one of its launch books in 2015. Her first picture book, PUMPKIN TIME! (Sourcebooks, 2014, illustrated by Doug Cushman) has just been picked up by the Scholastic Book Clubs. Thanks to technology, she can work from France and be in New York and London at the same time.

Get in Touch with Erzsi:

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Homepage: http://www.erzsideak.com

2 thoughts on “Ring in the Good Cheer!”

    1. BRAVO! Did you order your copy from the Scholastic Book Club when it came out? I remember vividly doing so, receiving it, and gobbling it up when it arrived at Paul J. Gelinas Jr. High. A million years ago! If you are an illustrator, Teresa, you go straight to the top of the list!

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